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Update: Real Madrid vs. Zaragoza Will Be Televised


Phew! Just when we were all beginning to fear the worst, the officials of Real Zaragoza decided that the show must go on (even though their already debt-ridden club was owed money by Mediapro, the company that owns the television rights to la Liga games).

In a statement on the club's official website, the directors acknowledged that while they did consider "extraordinary measures" to recoup their money, they decided to go ahead and allow the match to be aired because "the people who would be the most affected would be the fans who want to watch the match on television, both in Spain and around the world, all of whom are waiting with legitimate interest to see a resolution to this conflict."

The club's statement goes on to acknowledge that they expect the LFP (the Spanish federation) to "act as a mediator in order to resolve this conflict," because Zaragoza's decision was, in part, influenced by a respect for the LFP's recent struggles with the player's union and the radio broadcasters.

If anything, this is a classy move by Zaragoza's directors, who know full well that the club's interests would probably have been better served by locking out the TV cameras. The Real Madrid-Zaragoza match will continue as previously scheduled (20:00 CET, 2:00 PM EST, on Canal+ or GolTV).

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