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Your Real Madrid Funny Video Of The Night: Mourinho Laughs At Cristiano Ronaldo

Welcome to a new segment on Managing Madrid: Real Madrid Funny Video of the Night (or, conversely, literally any other title any of you can come up with in the comments because this one sucks)! We're going to try to bring you a silly Real Madrid-related video every night...or at least as much as possible. So sit back and enjoy!

In this installment of our poorly named segment, José Mourinho can't contain his laughter when he watches Cristiano Ronaldo fly head over heels on top of an opponent while trying to win a header. To be fair to Cristiano, he has some ups, and that dude definitely ducks to try to get a foul cal; to be fair to Mou...well, just watch:

If you have any ideas for funny videos for us to feature (along with your name!), please drop us a link on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at managingmadrid(at)gmail(dot)com.

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