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Real Madrid-Zaragoza Player and Media Reactions

Kaká has been in the crosshairs a lot this season.
Kaká has been in the crosshairs a lot this season.

Here we are, the day after Real Madrid's (I'd like to say historic, but come on, it's not) 0-6 beatdown of Real Zaragoza in los blancos' first la Liga match. So let's take a tour around the gossip rags to see what people are saying about Real Madrid, Zaragoza, and our players!

Guti: "Özil is Real Madrid's superstar" -
We all love Mesut Özil. It's true. And yes, he is a superstar. But I find it a little bit ridiculous that José María Guiterrez (Guti), in his new position as analyst for Cadena SER, would argue that he's the superstar. But far be it for me to question such a legend. (In other news, Özil plays Guti's exact position, and makes passes on a daily basis that Guti could only have made on his best days).

Casillas: "My relationship with Mourinho is very good" -
Iker Casillas, who has taken a bit of the spotlight in the last couple days, wants to remind everyone that his relationship with Mourinho is "very good," and that while they disagree on a few things, well that's his right, damnit. (OK, he didn't say that). He actually said that "everything is completely normal." Well, that's not that fun is it?

It is because of goals like yesterday's that Kaká should leave Madrid -
Kaká is a great, fantastic player (or, well, he used to be). I think we can all agree that he at least has this sort of major potential (upside, we call it in the States) to make him worth keeping at Madrid. But this guy says that it is actually because of this incredible talent that Madrid should let him go somewhere else...somewhere he might, you know, play. I've heard this argument before, and unfortunately, I find it pretty convincing. Any takers?

Kaká: "I want to stay with Real Madrid" -

Well, there you go. He doesn't want to leave anyways. As many of us have suggested here, it seems like Kaká really does want to do well with Madrid, and to validate his astronomical transfer fee. I, for one, think he'll be of great help this year, even if he only comes off the bench. He's a great player and a true winner.

Javier Aguirre: "I didn't do a good job" -

Kind words here from Zaragoza manager Javier Aguirre...but the fact is that very few teams can stop an in-form Real Madrid. Maybe six goals was a little much, but really it's not Aguirre's fault--the players gotta play, so to speak.

Ex-Culé Sonny Anderson: "Mourinho isn't ruining football" -

Well, now this is a shocking development. An ex-Barcelona player saying that Mourinho isn't the devil incarnate, sent from the bowels of hell to tempt and destroy the pure, angelic Barça players? Ridiculous.

AS Roma asks Real Madrid about a Diarra loan deal - Corriere dello Sport

Yes, this is in Italian. No, I don't speak Italian. I can read a little Italian. Enough to make out the basic ideas in this article: AS Roma is interested in Lassana Diarra, but not at the price that Madrid is asking for him. They'd like to set up a loan-with-option-to-buy deal for Lass, though Madrid will probably not want to do something like this.

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