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Real Madrid Transfer Deadline 2011: Open Thread

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So Timm had this great idea to post an open thread for you all to discuss Real Madrid's (and other teams') movings and dealings that will surely come about in the next day leading up to the transfer deadline. I'm totally on board with the idea, so let's talk: who do you think should go? Where to? Who's untouchable? Who's not but should be? (Timm also reminds me that there's going to be a live special on Fox Soccer Channel to cover the transfer market starting at 2:00 AM EST).

Also, if you hear any interesting rumors, drop a line in the comments. We'll try not to post anything until it's really official (or at least have a rumor from a credible source-i.e. not Marca), but we want to get a good jump on things. 

Real Madrid players who are likely to be dealt before the deadline: 

Lassana Diarra (lots of interested teams, but none that look close to matching Madrid's asking price).

Fernando Gago (about to be dealt to Roma).

Pedro León (on the verge of being loaned out to Getafe).

Anyone else?

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