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Drenthe Might Go to Galatasary for Free


In the last couple of hours, Real Madrid have been negotiating with both Royston Drenthe and Galatasary so that the Dutch player can play in Turkey this season.

Royston is not in Jose Mourinho's plans and spent last year loaned in Hércules de Alicante.

Real Madrid signed him in 2007 for 13M€ after being named the best player on the U21-World Cup. In 3 seasons in Madrid, he played just 46 games, most of them coming off the bench.

[Gabe's note, 1:53 PM EST: Thank God, right? This Drenthe saga has gone on for the better part of two year now, and I think I can speak for all of us in saying "woohoooo!!" Still poor Royston: he came in the same year that Juan Mata left for Valencia, and was supposed to be the next Edgar Davids (a comparison that I'm 99 percent certain was made only because the two players share a nationality, hair style and skin color). We do wish him well if this goes through.]

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