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Real Madrid's Carvalho Leaves Portuguese National Team


The news broke at midday: Ricardo Carvalho left the Portuguese National Team suddenly and without telling anyone. The 33-year-old defender had played nearly 75 games for Portugal and had not missed one since he was on Chelsea, with the logical exception of injuries.

Later on, Carvalho released a statement, saying he is in very good shape both physically and mentally and felt disrespected by the coaching staff.

Here is the statement Ricardo Carvalho made public:

"I didn't expect my International career to end this way. I am an athlete just like my colleagues, so I deserve consideration and respect, just like them. I feel disrespected and my dignity has been vexed."

The Portuguese Football Association then released the following:

"The player left the concentration without telling anyone from the coaching staff or the head coach Paolo Bento."

This news is quite shocking. Carvalho has been one of the Portuguese National Team's most important players, and a true professional everywhere he has played: FC Porto, Chelsea and Real Madrid. It has been reported that Bento was planning to bench him in their game against Cyprus without telling him. I really think that if Bento had told him about this, then Carvalho wouldn't have reacted as he did.

But this is certainly good news for us madridistas. Carvalho is 33-years-old, so he is going to need to miss more games every year. He is now going to focus on Real Madrid, so he will be able to use the upcoming FIFA and UEFA dates to keep practicing.

I remember Cristiano Ronaldo's first injury with Real Madrid. It came off of Diawara's tackle when Madrid played Marseille, but then Ronaldo forced himself to play with the Portuguese team since they were in peril of missing South Africa's World Cup. He re-injured himself in just 20 minutes and missed about three months of Real Madrid games. So if this can happen to a 26-year-old athlete, imagine what could happen with Carvalho, who also has concerns about his injuries.

I hope all these issues allow him to concentrate on Real, but he might spend a couple of weeks worrying about and repenting for what he has done. Mourinho will certainly talk with him to see how he feels, but I don't think he wants Carvalho back on the Portuguese National Team, so don't expect Mou to convince him!

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