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Managing Madrid Podcast 8/5/11: The One Where Gabe Talks to Adam Bader

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In this episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast, I (Gabe) have the pleasure of chatting with Adam Bader, Real Madrid's Online Community Manager (what he calls a "social media evangelist"). Adam formerly worked full-time with Real Madrid TV, and he still freelances with them; he's also prominently featured on the Real Madrid website--you've probably read his work without realizing it was him!

I was very lucky to get to talk with Adam, who kindly offered me some incredibly valuable insights into getting into journalism, and his own journey--how he came to work for the best football club in the world. Oh, and we also talked about Real Madrid a little bit. I highly recommend this podcast, so definitely check it out.

Oh, and remember that the podcast is available on iTunes for free!

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