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Ramos might not be available for Supercopa

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This quote from Mou after the recent thrashing of another Chinese side, makes me nervous.

"I’m worried about Ramos’ injury. He didn’t start the preseason well. He thought he was fine but with flights, planes, and playing on a pitch in a very bad condition, I’m not sure If he will be available for the Supercup. We will see."

This was something I was not all that happy to read, knowing that the season is only 8 days away. If his injury is still bugging him I highly doubt we'll see him start the season in the first IX. But that aside, here's another great quote from the Special one that actually made me giggle.

"I said the squad was short the other day because I wanted it to be short. It doesn’t mean I need players, but later you will read in the Spanish press that Mourinho wants more players. It could be that my English is better than my Spanish."

And just for the hell of it, to lighten the mood a bit.

I figured it was appropriate with all the writing I've done in the past week mentioning Arsenal.

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