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Breaking News: It's Quasi-Official! Neymar to Real Madrid in January

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Have you ever wondered what the Ney-Hawk feels like?
Have you ever wondered what the Ney-Hawk feels like?

Our ever-omniscient Real Madrid Fanboy Tabloid #1 are actually reporting that Real Madrid, Neymar, and Santos have come to terms over the sale of the young phenom, who will stay in Brazil until after the Club World Cup against Barcelona.

I know I said I'd rather rip my computer in half than talk about more unfounded Neymar rumors...and while 99% of the time I see a "report" from Marca about a possible transfer I shake my head and laugh it off, this one is catching my attention for a couple of reasons:

  1. It seems reasonable. While Madrid didn't want to wait on the kid, both he and Santos really want him to play in the Club World Cup--it's a favor to the club and to the player to let him go through with it (and hopefully he'll beat Barça while he's at it).
  2. It's really not that big a deal. Madrid's squad looks really strong right now, and while his presence will undoubtedly help los blancos, it's not essential that he come now.
  3. It seemed more likely in the past couple days, after rumors started spreading that Barcelona had jumped in on the negotiations. Nothing speed up a process more than a hated rival trying to poach your target.
  4. I called it. I didn't want to include that in my first few "reasons," but now it's time for a humble-brag (or maybe just a brag).

And here's their official Twi-nouncement (yeah, I definitely just made up a word):

El Madrid accede a las exigencias de Neymar y el jugador se incorporará después del Mundialito #Futbol #Fichajesless than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

In other news, Real Madrid have arrived back in Madrid, and everyone looks really tired. Their practices start on Wednesday afternoon, which gives them a couple of days to rest before worrying about Barcelona. I'm sure Mourinho won't take a break, though, mainly because he's known for preparing psychotically for matches.

Gonzalo Higuaín is apparently feeling excited about the squad, terming them "young and potent" (is he breeding horses?), while Iker Casillas acknowledges how hard forming a starting 11 is going to be for "The Special One."

Not much more to report on this front, though it is possible that Atleti will make a move for Falcao within the next couple of hours--if that happens, we'll be sure to let you know. (Wait, I'm being told that this is the Real Madrid blog. Oh. Well we might still tell you anyways.)

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