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Real Madrid CF: Cine Galáctico, The Pepe Goes Nuts Edition

Welcome to Real Madrid CF: Cine Galáctico, our segment here on Managing Madrid where we try to bring you a funny, or somehow Real Madrid-related video every night (well, at least as much as possible). So sit back, grab your Mahou, and enjoy! (To our Spanish--and non-Spanish--readers, what's your favorite Spanish beer to enjoy a Madrid game with?)

Payam is rightfully back on top tonight, for suggesting that we replay the video of Pepe's epic meltdown against Getafe from two years ago--his insanity cost Real Madrid the match [Update, 11:40 PM EST: Our friend @rrranya just reminded me that Madrid actually ended up winning that match, 3-2 after Getafe missed the ensuing penalty. Thanks for catching that!], and really turned most of the soccer-loving world against him. And the truth is, he really did lose it. So much so that he admitted later that he considered retiring afterwards.

Pepe will be reunited with Casquero again on Saturday, and I think I speak for all of us in hoping that nothing like this happens again. It's an important thing to remember, though, and to look out for.

As always, if you have a video that you'd like us to feature on this segment (and, as I guess tonight's video proved, it doesn't necessarily have to be funny), drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or at managingmadrid(at)gmail(dot)com.

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