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Real Madrid CF: Cine Galáctico, The Cristiano Ronaldo's Crazy-Awesome Assist Edition

Welcome to Real Madrid CF: Cine Galáctico, our segment here on Managing Madrid where we try to bring you a funny, or somehow Real Madrid-related video every night (well, at least as much as possible). So sit back, grab your Mahou, and enjoy! (To our Spanish--and non-Spanish--readers, what's your favorite Spanish beer to enjoy a Madrid game with?)

This edition of Real Madrid CF: Cine Galáctico comes to you via ME, Gabe, the Editor-in-Chied, because I think Cristiano Ronaldo's assist on Karim Benzema's second goal (Madrid's third today) is just too effing pretty. I mean, come on, this thing was an absolute work of art--no matter how you feel about the guy you at least have to give him this. So sit back and enjoy the majestic cross-field pass. (And yes, I'm aware that this video comes from someone literally using a camera to film their own television. It sucks. But the goal is worth it).

As always, if you have a video that you'd like us to feature--and I promise, we really do feature your videos 99 percent of the time--please drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or at managingmadrid(at)gmail(dot)com. Hala Madrid!

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