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Bernabeu Bites: Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn't Watch The Bundesliga

Maybe I should set my DVR so I can catch some of this Gotze character I keep getting hounded about? Naw, I got chicks and cars, who cares about German football....right?
Maybe I should set my DVR so I can catch some of this Gotze character I keep getting hounded about? Naw, I got chicks and cars, who cares about German football....right?

Welcome to Bernabeu Bites where every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we take you around the world of Real Madrid, la Liga and even throw in some European Football, all in tasty bite size form. So it back, grab a beverage and enjoy!

So, as is normal, Cristiano Ronaldo is being blasted in the press. This time, it's over the fact that he stated that he didn't know who Mario Gotze is (and if you don't watch Bundesliga or if you didn't watch Borussia Dortmund versus Arsenal, then you might not either). The kid is damn good, but apparently CR7 has no clue who he is...

"Who's Gotze? In what position does he play? Is he good? I have little opportunity to see Bundesliga games," the 26-year-old told Bild. "I'm not interested in what people say about me. I am always in top form; I work hard on myself. That's why nobody makes an attack on my sporting abilities," he concluded.


I'm sure that's going to piss off some German fans. What I also find funny is that any time has an article on Cristiano Ronlado, they always refer to him as "the former Manchester United man." Uh, hey writers at yes, he's a former Manchester United player, he's currently on Real Madrid--and it might do you some good if you actually connect him to the team he currently plays for.

Not that this irritates me or anything, but really? 

Not that we didn't know this already, but the reason former Arsenal skipper and now FC Barcelona super-sub Cesc Fabregas left the Gunners was because he knew they weren't going to win trophies anytime soon.

"If you look at the team this season I can't see them finishing in front of teams like Manchester United or [Manchester] City or Chelsea. There's just too big a difference between the squads.

"I respect that Arsenal don't have the same financial opportunities as the others. But it was part of my decision to leave that I find it hard to see Arsenal winning the Premier League or Champions League in the near future.

"I hope they will replace me and the others that have left with some quality players and maybe they can take Arsenal back to their level as champions."


Staying on the FC Barcelona track, their recent form--or lack thereof--hasn't gone unnoticed by their Champions League or la Liga opponents. You'd think with two draws that the Nou Camp was falling in around the team and it's fans.

"We're fine. We don't need to listen to what people outside the club are saying," Puyol said. But the rest of La Liga and Europe have taken note -- a team that concedes in the first and the 91st minute in a European tie needs somebody to thread it together. Guardiola's introduction of his captain against Milan will have been very welcome indeed, even if he couldn't prevent the equalizer.

"We ended up looking pretty stupid," Guardiola noted after the match. If Puyol's return from injury holds out, he will not suffer fools gladly.


Emphasis is all mine. And I'm just going to let you soak that last quote in.

French International and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema had a tough go of it last night versus Dinamo Zagreb. He had several chances but just couldn't finish. But he's well aware that the goals will come in Champions League play and that it's more about the fact that los blancos got a win on the road.

"It was an important win for us. Three points away from home is always good. It was difficult at times for us tonight but we got there in the end," Benzema was quoted as saying by the official Uefa website. "I had a lot of chances but unfortunately I didn't score, but that's not important now."


Santos president Luis Ribeiro is yapping at the press again, and I'm pretty sure that even when he's not asked about Neymar he brings it up anyways. And honestly I think it's to drive the 19 year-old's price up. But now he's warning Real Madrid that he would and could report them to FIFA.

"Neymar hasn't signed anything with another club as that would be illegal. He has an ongoing contract with us and I'm sure that [Real Madrid president] Florentino Perez wouldn't do anything like this as he knows the potential consequences. We will not hesitate to report them to FIFA if there's proof that there's a pre-contract, but I don't think we have to go that far, because there's no signed pre-agreement."


He also goes on to say that he's (Neymar) closer to signing a contract extension than going anywhere in Europe. And I'm also sure we'll be hearing form Neymar, Ribiero or Neymar's agent until at least after the Club World Cup.

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