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Pregunta: Who Do You Think Will Win The Champions League?

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 Greetings from the land of sand. Here we introduce a new weekly segment on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different ethnicities and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

As the Champions League raised its curtains on Tuesday and Wednesday, we were treated with some interesting and entertaining fixtures.  So as the group stage of the competition molds itself out over the next few weeks, I ask the premature question of who will win.

The prequnta this week:

Who do you think will win the Champions League? Why? And what are Real Madrid's chances of winning?

"AC Milan. Because they have the best defense. [and Madrid's chance?] Chance? What chance? Mafeesh chance."

-Yusuf, Addisababa, Ethiopia (AC Milan)

"Real Madrid. 100%. Maybe Barca have a 1% chance if anyone gets injured."

-Chan, Seol, South Korea (Real Madrid)

"Honestly Chelsea. Give them time as a team to gel with AVP... Madrid's chance? On a good day Chelsea, Milan, United, and Barca could all beat them. And that's not including any dark horse that could upset them."

-Mohammed, Cairo, Egypt (Chelsea)

Interested? See more opinions after the jump and add your own.

"AC Milan because they have bought a decent left back and proven they can hang with the bigger teams. Italian soccer is back. [and Real Madrid?] Good chance... "

-Phillip, Jdeidt Marjeyoun, Lebanon (AC Milan)

"Barcelona because their awesome. But honestly Madrid have a 50% chance of winning."

-Fatima, Khartoum, Sudan (Barcelona)

"My team Barcelona of course. Who else? But I think it's too early to tell."

-Nadeem, Beirut, Lebanon (Barcelona)

"I hope Madrid but I don't see them winning because of the defense. [Then who do you think will win?] Manchester City."

-Malik, Hums, Syria (Real Madrid)

"Barcelona baby. But Barca's playing level has gone a little so Madrid might have a chance."

-Mustafa, Cairo, Egypt (Barcelona)

"Barcelona. Because they have Cesc Fabregas whose in top form. Madrid will probably make it to the semis at least."

-A.K., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Manchester United)

"Barcelona because they play as a strong united team. We have players like Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Messi, etc. Madrid have a very high chance because they are very competitive and also have excellent soccer players however they are no match for Barca."

-Jenan, Beirut, Lebanon (Barcelona)

"Madrid obviously. Because they're the best."

-Omar, Cairo, Egypt (Real Madrid)

Now you've heard some different (and a few albeit painful) perspectives. You've also seen a glimpse of the torture I endure while on campus when it comes to Classico Days.

So what's your perspective?  Answer the pregunta below and tell us what you think.

If you want to see a question asked, get in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook, or email .

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