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Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, Sporting Director Zinedine Zidane Show Support For Mourinho

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez speaks on his mobile phone
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez speaks on his mobile phone

Real Madrid's President--and pioneer of the (in)famous galáctico policy--Florentino Pérez issued a strong statement supporting embattled coach José Mourinho on Friday. Pérez, whose policies have been criticized repeatedly over the course of the last few days as Real Madrid continued their slide down the table, addressed the "Club del 100," a group of the oldest Real Madrid socios (partners), saying, "We have the best coach in the world, and a magnificent team."

Pérez's declarations came on the heals of a rough patch for los blancos, who have only managed to take one point out of their last three games. He attempted to assuage the concerns of the fan base about the recent string of bad matches by reminding the "Club del 100" that it was his job to "assume the responsibility of continuing [Real Madrid's] legacy of being the best club of all time. We are obligated to hand over the reigns of the club to the next generation, at the very least, with the club in the same shape that when we took over."

Sporting Director Zinedine Zidane joined the President through calming rhetoric, assuring the fan base that, "while there has been a lot of noise surrounding the club, you can believe me when I tell you that both the team and all of Valdebebas are completely united. We're a great team being lead by the best coach in the world: José Mourinho. Everyone is very confident in him, the club, the players, and all madridistas. We all know that every season, every campaign, has weak moments, and that you don't win the Liga, the Champions League, or the Copa del Rey in three or four games."

These are good, strong words from Zizou, though I do have to quibble with him about one thing: you do win the Liga in two matches. If Real Madrid wins the two matches against FC Barcelona, then I can personally guarantee you that los blancos will win the Liga. (Oh, and it's nice to be back! I've been relocating to Spain this week, which is why I haven't written recently. But now I'm comfortably stored in Cádiz, my new home!)

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