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Question of the Week: Will La Liga’s Uneven Results Continue?

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Greeting from the land of sand. Here on this new segment here on Managing Madrid, I walk around my international campus and ask people of different football loyalties and ethnicities what they think of issue surrounding the world of Real Madrid.

When Matchday 1 (actually 2) finished with the Big Two smashing their respective opponents to utter bits, we probably all expected to have another season of Real Madrid and Barcelona dominance. But as the other Matchdays had their turns, we saw other teams actually taking points from the seemingly untouchable titans. Last week was a prime example of this as Madrid fell to a shocking loss against Levante and couldn't score against Santander. But this weekend was seemingly business as usual as Barcelona thrashed Atletico 5-0 and los blancos were back on track with a 6-2 victory against Rayo.

So the pregunta this week was: Will this unevenness in the results of La Liga continue?

"It might continue because both Madrid and Barcelona have injuries but I think Madrid's progress will keep changing."

- Faisal, Palestine (Real Madrid)

"Not anymore, Madrid got it. Last night, 10 players and we were still scoring goals."

- Omar, Egypt (Real Madrid)

"Yes because other teams are stepping up their game with younger players."

- Hisham, Egypt (Barcelona)

"No, Madrid will get in the flow of the season."

- Mark, Lebanon (Real Madrid)

"No. Madrid are going to get better but they need to calm down a little. I mean, seriously Di Maria?"

- Chan, South Korea (Real Madrid)

"No, the big two are going to own because that is what La Liga is. It's between both of them."

- Jenan, Lebanon (Barcelona)

"No, Madrid are playing better. Levante was an eye opener."

- Dina D., Lebanon (Real Madrid)

Since we're getting an overwhelming number of nos, I've decided to put out a different perspective for you guys to think about. Maybe the la Liga unevenness will continue. Why? Because other teams are taking advantage of the amount of time the Spanish titans have between games, which is very little. For example, when the team is focused on a Champions League fixture, teams who only play in la Liga now will have more time to study how to counter Madrid's (or Barca's) strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Now it's your turn. Vote what you think in the poll and I encourage you to give your take on the question.

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