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The Santiago Bernabeu Gets A Facelift

Yesterday during the assembly of socios in Real Madrid, Florentino touched upon the fact that they had approved the renovation and improvement of the Santiago Bernabeu. Here's some of what he said:

"... We want it to be a building whose singularity, quality and beauty goes beyond our borders...We want to provide it with enveloping skin that will serve to roof all seats so that our supporters won't suffer from adverse weather conditions while watching a game... The stadium of our dreams must become the best stadium in the world and must have universal appeal."

Not much to go on right? Other than the expansion and the addition of numerous facilities, he never highlighted the plan for the actual "enveloping skin" of the building. I think the architecture of the Bernabeu is already beautiful and I was curious about how the aesthetics of the stadium would be affected. So I did a little research and located a plan that shows how the stadium may look on completion. See it here.

Excited aren't ya?

Below is a fantastically awesome video on the progression of the Santiago Bernabeu.

Personally, I think refreshing the stadium is a positive sign of moving forward.

If they can pull off their plan, it's going to look absolutely stunning.

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