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Ricardo Carvalho Has Choice Words for Portugal's Head Coach

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This particular story could play out for awhile, what we know is this: after learning that he wasn't going to be part of the starting XI against Cyprus, he walked out on the team. He felt that he had been disrespected. During a presser, Bento the team's coach, called Carvalho, among other things, a deserter.

I touch on this in the latest edition of Bernabeu Bites, where Carvalho could be suspended from international duty, and could also see him banned from Champions League play which kicks off for Real Madrid on September 14 as they travel to Croatia to take on Dinamo Zagreb. Some Premier League sides have already submitted their rosters for Champions League play.

It seems that Carvalho took exception to being called a deserter.

"It is military language to call me a deserter. With the same kind of language, I could call him a mercenary," he said.

"When you go to war in exchange for money, and not for passion and love for the country, you are a mercenary.

"I am in the national team for love and passion. The coach is in the national team because they pay him to be the coach. It saddens me, because, despite what happened, I think I did not deserve this."

Later in the article he kinda throws Pepe under the bus a bit, stating that Pepe didn't do all of the training and yet went to the head of the line when it came to tactical training. It's a bit of he said-she said type drama coming out of the Portugal camp.

Bento supposedly went on record (they quote Marca, so take that as you will) saying that he will not seek UEFA bans from international competition and Champions League play.

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