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Is Sevilla's Del Nido Leading A Revolt Against Real Madrid And FC Barcelona?

Sevilla President Del Nido
Sevilla President Del Nido

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. You've read the headline correctly.

Apparently Sevilla's President Jose Maria del Nido has contacted la Liga's top flight presidents, excluding those of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The reason for this meeting supposedly is to protest the TV revenue that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona get, which is--as we've touched on here--more than the rest of the league.

The meeting is scheduled to be held in Seville on Thursday, which is when most players will be returning from their international commitments. Though reports at this time aren't clear on how many, if any, will take Del Nido's invitation, it would be unprecedented in Spanish football if this meeting and protest were to take place.

Del Nido has been prattling on for years about the the fact that each team negotiates their TV rights instead of a collective contract that is seen in other leagues around the world. It's well known (and debated) that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona take in more than four times the revenue of other teams in the league. Thus, they can spend the money to bring in world-class players, and pay them world-class salaries.

It was just last week that he said,

"Our league is not only the biggest piece of rubbish in Europe, but in the world." He predicted that the inequality between the big two and the rest of the league "will grow bigger every year."


So will this lead to anything? I guess we'll find out on Thursday.

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