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Road to Promotion: Real Madrid Castilla Roundup

Real Madrid Castilla celebrating their goal against Vecindario (photo via

In Road to Promotion Managing Madrid will bring you the latest news about Real Madrid Castilla and its young players who could play a very important role on Real Madrid's first team.

Real Madrid's reserve team is currently leading their Second Division B group in order to be promoted at the end of the season to the Second Division. Castilla has a three-point margin with Lugo, the second team in the table.

With Carvajal, Nacho, Alex, Jesé and Joselu as the most important players on the team, Castilla has only lost three games (all of them at home) while winning 12 and drawing four.

Toril's team qualified to the Promotion Round last season, but lost to Alcoyano.

Castilla's goal is clear: the team needs to be in the Second Division to give its younger players more experience on the pitch. There's a big difference between playing a Second Division B team and playing against a Second Division one, and even first team's coach Jose Mourinho has stated the importance of accomplishing this goal.

While Real Madrid fans were excited about Álvaro Morata, Mourinho thought it was too early for him to succeed in Castilla's division. This has been prove true by the team's most accurate striker, 21-year-old Joselu. Morata has still not found his game, but he started to score goals during the second half of the season.

Castilla's right back is Dani Carvajal. He turned 20 yesterday and appears to have a bright future in front of him. He has not made his debut with the first team yet because Mourinho is very careful with his defensive linemen. If he keeps playing the way he has been this season, look for him to be with the first team in just a couple of years, now that Ramos has confirmed himself as a definite center back.

Castilla's brothers Nacho and Alex Fernández look quite good as well. Nacho started a couple of games for the first team during last season (one of them was Real Madrid's 3-6 win in Mestalla against Valencia) in the left back, although he is a center back.

On the other hand, Alex Fernández is a central midfielder whose future might be on a box-to-box role, like Khedira during his Stuttgart, for example. He is still very young and has a very powerful long-range shot, so I think Alex could be another player the first team could rely on in a few years.

Castilla's best player is arguably Jesé Rodríguez and Mourinho knows it. Jesé's favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo and he even runs like the Portuguese winger. Jesé is very skillful, but he has had some problems with his coaches in the past. Also, knows he is that good, so that might be why he can be arrogant and had problems playing on the younger Spanish national teams. He still needs more time, but he is only 19.

If Castilla manages to be promoted to the Second Division, all these players will have the chance to play against teams that are going to be in the First Division one day, which will give them much-needed experience. Castilla's next game is against Sporting Gijón B, the ninth team in the table, so Toril's team should get another win to keep the three-point margin with Lugo.

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