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Real Madrid CF Transfer News: Manchester City Set To Sign Jose Angel Pozo

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Technically everything Manager Jose Mourinho has indicated to the pess has been true--so far, no one has gone in or out of this window-- but I guess that doesn't include academy players. Jose Angel Pozo is the skipper of Real Madrid's U-15 squad (his brother Iker plays for the RMA U-11 squad), and has decided to forgo academy life in Spain for life on the blue side of Manchester.

He's still ours for the time being, seeing that he's only 15 and wont be able to sign his first professional contract until he's 16 in March. It's been reported that he's also had offers from Arsenal and Liverpool, but has decided to go with City. Can you blame him? Arsenal is going through some problems (that loss to Swansea City anyone?), and Liverpool is well....Liverpool.

With Jose turning 16 and driving I'm sure he'd like to keep the hubcaps on his car. According to the SkySports report, Real Madrid and City have come to a compensation agreement in the €200,000 range while others are reporting that when all is said and done it could be in the range of £5million.

For City, this is a low risk, high reward type deal, because if the kid flames out , they're out of some cash. But if Pozo turns out to be the second coming of Raul (which has actually been said about the youngster), then they look like football masterminds.

He's got a deft first touch and incredible vision for someone his age. Now I'm not a professional scout by any means but from what I noticed he could use some work on his finishing -- he could be a bit more clinical in that area and he could use some work in the aerial department as well.

But I'll let you make your own conclusions with this video.

So did we let the next Raul slip out of our academy?

Do you think we should be letting these youngsters leave los blancos?

Here in America the MLS is just in it's infancy when it comes to academies and building from within, as they still rely heavily on colleges and universities for incoming talent. I'll be honest--when you hear about academy players and who's churned out some of the best footballers all you have to do is look towards the Blaugrana and their famed la Masia.

And frankly that drives me a bit nuts.

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