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In Mourinho's Words: Real Madrid Vs. FC Barcelona Pre-Game, Di María On El Clasico List

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Jose Mourinho finally spoke to the media before Real Madrid's match against FC Barcelona. Previously, Assistant Coach Aitor Karanka spoke to the media when Clasicos arrived, but the Portuguese coach wanted to be the one in that role today.

According to Marca, Angel Di María was going to be ruled out of tomorrow's Clasico, but Mourinho confirmed today that the Argentinian will be on the list.

Ángel is not fully recovered. He is worse than what we expected, but we have to wait and see. He is on the list for tomorrow's game.

Mourinho might be messing around with Di María's status, just as Barcelona did with Messi's flu against Osasuna, among other "injuries.". He has always said that when a player is on a match's list, he is ready to play, so Di María's presence tomorrow is likely.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in a scoring drought over the past few games, but Mourinho still trusts his ability to score and contribute to the team's offense.

I've been with him since a year and a half, and he has scored goals, hat-tricks and all, but the game I like the best was the second half against Mallorca. He worked like a horse in that second half. I told him that nobody could criticize him if he worked like that.

Antón Meana (Radio Marca) asked our coach whether his position was on the line for this game or not. Mourinho gave a clear answer.

How many titles do I need to have so my job can be safe? It is my happiness that's on the line, not my job. If we lose tomorrow, I will be sad Thursday, but nothing else is on the line in this game.

Jose Mourinho is treating this game as an important one, but he has repeated many times that la Liga is his main focus.

Copa del Rey is the third target, but tomorrow it will be the first one, because nobody plays to lose. We want two more games in February.

As you can see, the Portuguese coach didn't leave many headlines. Depending on tomorrow's result, his post-game press conference could be very different.

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