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Question of the Week: Your 2012 Wish for Real Madrid

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Happy New Year to all our readers! I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays, but now it's time to get back to the roller coaster footballing world of Real Madrid. Fingers-crossed the Mayans messed up so we can continue to enjoy Real Madrid throughout 2012.

The Question of the Week: What do you hope 2012 brings for Real Madrid?

Usually, I provide you with plenty of answers from other fans; however, I face a dilemma this week since this question pertains specifically to the success of Madrid. And with the number of Barcelona fans here, you can just guess what they would say ("I wish Real Madrid will lose har har har!"). So this time around I'll be supplying some answers for you to consider from and then vote in the poll.

See some options and blurbs about them after the jump!

Your options:

1. In 2012 I want Real Madrid to win the Champions League.

Real Madrid are off to a flying start in this season's Champions League. They won all their matches in the group stage, topped their group, and have drawn CSK Moscow in the Last 16. Real Madrid have a great history in this competition but La Decima has been elusive to say the least, so this is probably a common wish among madridistas.

2. In 2012 I want Real Madrid to win la Liga.

What I wouldn't give to see la Liga in white ribbons instead of red and blue... Well we're ahead of them currently on the table so if this is your wish you should be pleased. We're not too far off.

3. I want Real Madrid to win the Copa del Rey again in 2012.

Well, I certainly wouldn't mind that. Speaking of which, the road to the Copa continues tomorrow when los Blancos face Malaga.

4. All I want in 2012 is an entertaining season; Real Madrid doesn't have to win anything.

Although I'm sure we would all love to see Madrid lift some sort of trophy, it may not be the most important thing for many. As long as Madrid play a brand of football that is exciting, stylish, entertaining, and respectable, and if they do lose, lose with class. Trophies aren't necessary.

5. In 2012 I want Real Madrid to acquire a certain player.

Many of us have a favorite player not currently on Mourinho's squad. So if it be your wish that said player wear a blanco jersey during this summer transfer window, choose this option.

Well there are a few answers you can choose from. But if you have a different wish, SHARE IT! Take a vote in the poll and comment below.

Hopefully this year is full of success and joy to all of you, and of course, Real Madrid.

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