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In Mourinho's Words: Pre-Game Press Conference Vs. Athletic Bilbao

Almost every question of today's press conference were about Pepe.
Almost every question of today's press conference were about Pepe.

While almost every journalist in Valdebebas' Press Room asked Mourinho about Pepe, the Portuguese coach didn't want to speak about him. He did protect his player, however, when asked about Pepe's sincerity.

I don't want to speak, but I didn't see any doubt about a player's sincerity when he said he did speak anything racial to another player. And I saw his coach and everyone, even the UEFA and the media believing him. Now Pepe said it was unintentional. If some of you want to call him a liar, do it. Say it and assume the possible consequences.

He was obviously referring to Busquets allegedly calling Marcelo a monkey.

Jose Mourinho didn't want to answer anything else about Pepe, but when he was asked about his mood after the defeat suffered last Wednesday, Mourinho revealed that he is as ready as always to face the rest of the season.

Before the game I said that nothing but my happiness was on the line. And when I lose, I don't hide myself. Thursday I went shopping with my family all around Madrid. Now we are sad because one of ours lost his father. I'm not telling you who this is, because it's a familiar situation, but I suppose the club will say it sooner than later. But here we are, all I can promise is that we will start and finish tomorrow's game on top of the table.

The Press Conference was obviously cut short because he gave short answers, but he had the time to talk about Athletic Bilbao in the last question.

I expect a very difficult game. They always have good players, ambition and everything. They are dangerous on offensive set pieces, but we haven't worked on that. We did before the game against FC Barcelona and still were scored in one corner kick, so maybe it's better to let the team be instead of being on everybody's head.

The team faces Athletic Bilbao tomorrow at 21:30 local time, and Mourinho will speak to the media after the match.

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