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Real Madrid CF Transfer Rumor: Is Pepe Bound For Chelsea This Summer?

Could Pepe exchange white for blue this summer?
Could Pepe exchange white for blue this summer?

With the transfer window due to close on Tuesday, we're going to be linked to some really odd rumors. This one is interesting in that it wouldn't happen until the summer window, but does it have legs to it? We're not sure, really. This report comes from People UK. It seems that the gang over at Stamford Bridge is keeping an eye on Pepe, as we all know he's a very polarizing figure right now for Real Madrid.

After his latest antics of allegedly stamping on the hand of FC Barcelona's golden boy Lionel Messi (though he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Spanish FA) things haven't gotten better for him. Supposedly, even Real Madrid President Florentino Perez is growing tired of Pepe's actions on the pitch. The higher ups think he is tarnishing the reputation of los meringues, and if you asked the majority of madridistas, they'd agree.

Pepe reportedly thinks that this is all part of a vast conspiracy that has been put forth by the Spanish press. We've discussed this in length around here (the obvious bias towards foreign players), and I think he might have a valid point in that area. I could ramble on about how Barcelona doesn't get thrown under the Spanish press bus because eight of their starting XI are Spaniards, which gives them a free pass.

But that's a post for another time and place.

According to this same report, Chelsea Boss Andre Villas-Boas is fond of the Brazil-born Portugal defender. And if things get too out of hand by the end of the season, then they may make a play for him come this summer. Chelsea can both afford the transfer fee and his yearly wages.

I think that one of the problems with this is that he's getting starts in la Liga, whereas in the Premiership I don't think he'd be a starter. Chelsea already have David Luiz, John Terry and Gary Cahill in the center and they just sold off Brazilian defender Alex who had fallen out of favor with AVB to Paris Saint-Germain. Unless something drastic happens in John Terry's alleged racist abuse case, I don't see him David Luiz going anywhere.

That would leave Pepe sitting on the bench right beside Gary Cahill. While Pepe does have anger issues, he would be a waste of an above average center defender. It might not make the most sense for either club, though if Pepe wants out of Spain I'm sure he could find a way.

Pepe just recently re-upped his contract and is contracted to Real Madrid until the 2016 season. While there have been no formal inquiries by his agent, he knows that Andre Villas-Boas is interested. I also think that if things don't improve between now and the end of this term, then Jose Mourinho (if he's around at the end of the season) might be forced to sell Pepe, like it or not.

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