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Managing Madrid Podcast 213: Real Madrid’s 7 Point Lead, And Other Fantastic Fantastic-ness


Real Madrid secured a 7-point La Liga lead over the weekend, and Josh Zeitlin and I (Gabe Lezra) are ready to break it down for you! Have los blancos won the Liga already? (No...but close). Will Barcelona go for broke in the winter transfer market? Does Real Madrid need a pure right back? And what about Mourinho? Will he leave? If so where to? We have the answers to all of these questions...AND MORE!

Plus, for your amusement, Josh and I talk for a while about how we respond to badly sourced rumors (read: anything from Marca and As), and what clues we use to determine the truth (or inaccuracy) of a report. Does our position outside of the "game" of the national Spanish media allow us a perspective that some traditional sources might not have access to? Or are we just kidding ourselves? Can we please be real journalists?

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