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Why Real Madrid Needs a Goalkeeper

Even though Casillas has been the best goalkeeper for quite a long time, he's probably not there anymore. While he's an icon to many Real Madrid fans, the question has been in the air during these past few months. If Real Madrid wants to get La Décima anytime soon, the club needs to get a goalkeeper whose strength is the aerial game.

Martin Rose

Why is it a crime to speak about Casillas' bad performances this season? He's done a lot of things for the club in the past, but all Real Madrid fans should care about in modern football is the future. And it's obvious to everyone that Casillas is not at his best anymore. This is not about campaigns for the Ballon D'Or or his attributes as the team's captain. It's all about watching his displays closely.

Teams are already trying to shoot fouls to the post he should be guarding instead of crossing the ball. Casillas has made aerial mistakes this season against Valencia, Manchester City, Ajax Amsterdam and Borussia Dortmund. Four mistakes in two months of competition seems to much for a team that is aiming to win every possible title.

Casillas has always lacked that part of the game. But he's got worse instead of improving. And the team is perceiving this. Every time Real Madrid concedes a corner, the players look nervous, and Mourinho's priority isn't counterattacking anymore.

Real Madrid can still win titles with Casillas on the goal, that's obvious. But this time, a good, young second goalkeeper wouldn't be bad for the team. If you can bring a quick, and powerful second leftback in Coentrao, why can't you do the same with goalkeepers? Iker would need to raise his game in order to be the starter. And that's something Real Madrid would benefit from.

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