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Betis Vs. Real Madrid, La Liga 2012: Terrible Madrid Says Goodbye To La Liga

It's only November, but Real Madrid has already said goodbye to this Liga BBVA title. The reigning champions won't only have to overcome an 11 point deficit against Barcelona if Tito's team beats Levante tomorrow, they will also have to reduce Atlético's 8-point advantage if Falcao and his teammates pull a win against Sevilla.

Denis Doyle

That's it. Real Madrid could only lose 1-0 to Betis in what was a terrible game by Mourinho and his men. Not even one player survived to Betis, and the team showed no interest whatsoever. Özil, Di María, Benzema, Khedira and even Cristiano Ronaldo all played one of their worst games wearing Real Madrid's jersey. It's about time Mourinho and his staff realize this team is nowhere close to where it was last season, and that's why some things need to change in order for Madrid to compete for the Copa del Rey and the Champions League.

Something is wrong about this Real Madrid. And it needs to be fixed. What about trying to play Özil on the right wing with Modric in the center? Di María is performing really bad so far, and this possible solution hasn't been tested by Mourinho yet. Bad news for him is that Özil looks as dead. The German player could wear number 23 once again so Real Madrid fans remember how good he was in 2010, because he is a really different (and worse) player now.

Today, the world saw Sami Khedira committing a mistake. Yes. The German player could've and should've fouled Beñat before the Spanish midfielder shot to score Betis' first goal. It's true that Di María's try to clear the danger wasn't good as the ball went straight to Beñat's feet, but mistakes in the execution happen. The tactical mistakes are what the players need to avoid.

After that, Madrid tried to keep calm and trust the players, but nobody wanted the ball. Cristiano tried hard to involve his teammates, but he never found the ball in the areas in which he likes to create the danger. Benzema scored a goal that was wrongly disallowed by the official, but he never showed the form in which he performed against Bilbao and City.

At halftime, Mourinho decided to change Özil and Khedira for Modric and Kaká. Real Madrid kicked off the second half a little bit better, with more patience and control of the ball, but this soon disappeared as Pepe, Ramos and Xabi Alonso got desperate and tried to find their teammates with long balls. That means Mourinho's substitutions were useless, since Modric and Kaká know how to play the ball with short passes creating good opportunities for their teammates.

It's not that Modric or Kaká played bad. They never had the chance to play at all. In the last minutes of the game, Ramos moved to the striker position to try to win some aerial balls. He did, but Real Madrid couldn't create good chances anyway. In the last play of the match, Nosa clearly touched the ball with his hand inside the box. The referee should've called that a penalty-kick, but he finished the game instead as Real Madrid's players left the pitch frustrated.

Now, the Santiago Bernabéu will judge the team's performance in a irrelevant game against Alcoyano. Some days after that, Atlético Madrid will visit Real Madrid's stadium in what could be a crucial game for Real Madrid's mood. It's hard to predict what could happen if Simeone's team manages to get a win in the Bernabéu.

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