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Real Madrid Vs. Ajax Amsterdam, UEFA Champions League 2012: Madrid Takes The Prize

Money. That's the only thing that mattered in Real Madrid's game against Ajax. The team earned almost a million Euros with the win against the Dutch team, but Coentrao left the game soon, and if he's going to miss some games, those Euros could've been expensive for Real Madrid.

Jasper Juinen

Real Madrid played well for the first 45 minutes just to enjoy a very comfortable second half. Modric and Khedira completely dominated Ajax while the team had enough interest of scoring goals. Without Xabi Alonso, Khedira was in charge of being the holding midfielder, so Modric had the freedom to create chances for his teammates. The Croatian player gave a brilliant assist to José Callejón in Real Madrid's second goal, but he was arguably the team's best player.

Mourinho gave Kaká a chance to impress. The Brazilian player started the game in Özil's place and scored a beautiful goal with his left foot, but never got into the team's rhythm as much as some Real Madrid fans could be expecting. It looks like he could be sold to the Major Soccer League (LA Galaxy). His wages are too high for Real Madrid to use him in this kind of games, so it might be better both for him and the team to part ways and move on. That way, he could get the minutes he surely wants and Real Madrid could use that money to resign Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Alonso and some key players. Anyway, the Brazilian playmaker didn't perform bad today, and his goal was certainly beautiful to watch.

Coentrao had to leave the game. He felt some pain in his right leg and Mourinho decided to introduce Pepe just to try to avoid an injury that would leave him without a pure left back once again. Before that, the Portuguese player had the time to hit the post in what could have been his first official goal with Real Madrid's jersey.

Nacho Fernández made his Champions League debut starting in Real Madrid's right back, but Coentrao's injury moved him to defend the left wing. Even though he plays as a left center back with Castilla, he seems more comfortable being the right back. He did play well and could be a decent backup defender for Real Madrid if the team doesn't bring back Carvajal from Bayer Leverkusen.

The first half ended with Real Madrid up 3-0 in the scoreboard and the fans at the Bernabéu having a good time. The second 45 minutes went as expected though. Real Madrid decided to be patient and let Ajax enjoy the possession. The players were already thinking about the team's next game at Valladolid, but Mourinho decided to introduce José Rodríguez and Morata to try to re-activate the rest of the squad. Rodríguez seems to be Mourinho's favorite canterano, and that's something he clearly deserves.

Ajax even had the time to score one goal after Adán didn't clear the danger properly. Shortly after, Morata's precise cross found Callejón. The right winger scored his second goal of the night, and he's taking profit of the chances he's given by Mourinho. Maybe Pedro León is watching his games while sitting in his house in Getafe. If he is, he should still ask himself why he never wanted to be a valuable backup for Real Madrid in the 2010-2011 season.

The game concluded 4-1, but all the looks will be on Fábio Coentrao's leg.

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