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Real Madrid Won't Have An Easy Tie In Champions League's 1/8

Real Madrid will face one team out of Schalke 04, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Those teams have been playing great football, so Real Madrid won't enjoy two easy games in the next round of the European competition. The draw will be held December 20th.

Will Bayern be on Real Madrid's road to the Final once again?
Will Bayern be on Real Madrid's road to the Final once again?
Alexander Hassenstein

Real Madrid fans are probably willing to face Schalke 04, and it's true that the German team is probably the worst one of those five European giants that will be on Real Madrid's road to la décima. Even though PSG is not getting good results, facing Ibrahimovic in a two-game tie shouldn't be nice.

One way or another, these teams are probably more scared than Real Madrid if they finally draw Mourinho's team. Los blancos should be considered the favorites to win and advance to the quarterfinals, but it would be better to play against Celtic, Milan, Shakhtar or Galatasaray.

Now, one could argue that a tie against Manchester United will fit Real Madrid quite well. British teams aren't that great when it comes to down compete in European football, and even though they've signed Van Persie, Ferguson and his players could have a hard time against Ronaldo, Özil and Benzema.

One thing is certain: Bayern Munich is the team that Real Madrid wants to avoid. They provide a tough challenge for Mourinho's style, and they already knocked-out Real Madrid in the past Champions League semifinals.

Speak your mind and vote on the poll. Who would you like to play against? Why?

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