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Introducing Some New Faces

As many of you know, we here at Managing Madrid have been on a search for new writers for the past couple of weeks. I'm happy to announce that we have found a couple of fantastic people to join the MM staff; you'll have the pleasure of reading their articles very soon. I asked both of them to write a paragraph introducing themselves to you, wonderful readers. Without further ado:

Dennis J. Seese: I'm a reference librarian working at a school in Washington DC. I'm married and I'm obsessed with caffeine, music and Spanish football. I've been passionate about writing and sports my entire life and I've slowly started to combine the two. I've been publishing book reviews and writing blogs for the past 5 years. My writing has been published in venues as diverse as ESPN, the Huffington Post and In Bed With Maradona. In Washington DC, Barcelona are probably the 2nd most popular team in town and I guess my contrarian nature, coupled with the arrival of Jose Mourinho and Mesut Ozil, slowly started to turn me towards Real Madrid. I also began to realize that they are the most interesting team in world sports. Nothing about Madrid is average or boring. My fandom solidified into mania this past summer when the Supercopa delivered some of the most incredibly intense and beautiful soccer I have ever seen. I came to Managing Madrid as a fan because, in my view, it has no equal in the English language. It provides me a great community of respectful, like minded-Real Madrid addicts and I'm honored to be able to contribute to its growth.

Kousha Azimi (you've seen Kousha's comments as KA7!): I've been a Real Madrid fan since I can remember, but only turned into a die hard Madridista when we started going through our dry run a few years ago. Most of my spare time is spent daydreaming about tactics and reading Real Madrid related news, which is how I first came across Managing Madrid. I look forward to contributing to this awesome community and sharing some of my wacky ideas.

We look forward to working with Kousha and Dennis, and we're psyched to finally be able to say welcome! Hala Madrid!

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