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In Mourinho's Words, La Liga 2012: Pre-Game Vs. Levante

Jose Mourinho and his new haircut answering the media (photo via

After two weeks of the silent treatment, Jose Mourinho finally addressed the media in Valdebebas's press room, where he answered questions about Nuri Sahin, the game against Levante, Eladio Parames, Mourinho's spokesman's, twitter account, and the rumor that he could be joining the Premier League next season.

I think you should know my answer, you should ask your sources. You say they are anonymous sources, but I think they are just imaginary. I don't feed rumors. If they are anonymous, ask them, if they are imaginary, figure it out.

Nuri Sahin has not played a single Real Madrid game since the Bernabeu game against Ponferradina in the Copa del Rey. The fans are still hoping to see the Turkish player this season, and Mourinho thinks his moment could arrive very soon.

He is a little bit better. He will be on the bench for the second game in a row. In the game against Getafe, I decided to change other players, but he could have minutes tomorrow depending on my needs and the game itself.

Levante's hopes of qualifying for a European competition have almost disappeared, but Mourinho thinks they could be very dangerous in tomorrow's match.

They deserve credit, not for what they did when they beat us but for their current situation. They should finish fourth to sixth this year. This is an amazing job by the coach, the players and the fans.

Özil and Kaka have showed they can play together, but Mourinho still remembers the press and the fans' lack of confidence in them.

I have good memory and I remember how you and your partners criticized me after playing both of them in Almeria or Coruña. But the Spanish press is that way, like the sea. It comes and then it goes back.

Jose Mourinho's spokesman has harshly criticized some Barcelona players, Spanish newspapers and even former Real Madrid coach Berndt Schuster in his personal Twitter acount (@realeladio). The journalists in Valdebebas asked Mourinho about this issue and the Portuguese coach was very clear.

I don't have anything to do with his Twitter account. He works for me but he also has a personal life and an opinion. I also must say that I don't have a Facebook profile, I don't like these social networks, I must be very old.

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