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Question Of The Week: La Liga Or The English Premier League?

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Greetings from the land of sand. This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

On Sunday night, Real Madrid took a huge step in securing their title bid in the Spanish Primera Division with a 4-2 win over Levante following second-place Barcelona's earlier loss against Osasuna. This stretches the gap to 10 points between the two top teams in Spain.

Honestly, everyone probably predicted that Real Madrid and Barcelona would take first and second place. By contrast, however, the English Premier League hasn't been so predictable, with Manchester City currently holding the top spot, but not by much.

So the question this week: Which competition suits your fancy, la Liga or the English Premier League?

"La Liga is a league in which eighteen teams help two teams win. Too many good teams in the Barclay's Premier League. Barca and Madrid don't have to waste any energy in the league, which is one of the reasons why they get so far in the Champions League, no competition in La Liga."

-Raghid, Lebanon, Chelsea

"La Liga. Everyone should stop complaining that La Liga has too much of a gap and stuff. If Barcelona and Real Madrid were in the EPL, it would be the same."

-Chan, South Korea, Real Madrid

"The Premier League because it's more unpredictable and more competitive [since] any team can easily beat the other. Also because the top eight teams are all really strong. Also the title race and 4th spot finish is really close and more interesting."

-Fahad, Pakistan, Liverpool

"In La Liga all you're watching is a fight for first while in the Premier League you're watching fight for first, a fight for place in top four, a fight for Europa League spot, and a fight for survival from relegation. And some weeks you have teams at the bottom beating teams at the top. Look at the Spanish league, third is so far away from first and second."

-Moiz, Pakistan, Manchester United

We've had a lot of Premier fans have their say, so it's time for you madridistas to step forward. Take your vote in the poll, comment on our facebook page, and tweet us @managingmadrid. And as always, Hala Madrid!

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