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Bernabeu Bites: Mesut Ozil Wants To Retire A Blanco, FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi Stinks At Keeping The Ball

Why You So Sad? Oh that's right, you give the ball away more than any other player in the league -- and you miss spot kicks. Not a football 'god' after all are ya? Welcome to the human race.
Why You So Sad? Oh that's right, you give the ball away more than any other player in the league -- and you miss spot kicks. Not a football 'god' after all are ya? Welcome to the human race.

With the tragedy in Egypt yesterday where so far 79 people have lost their lives after a football match, Real Madrid released a statement on its official website.

Real Madrid C. F. deeply regrets yesterday's events in Port Said and wishes to express its support and most sincere condolences to the families of the victims and the people of Egypt.

We here at Managing Madrid would like to pass on our support and condolences as well. A sad day for football.

Mesut Özil who came over from Werder Bremen in 2010 would love to finish out his career with Real Madrid. That's a pretty lofty goal considering this day and age. But the 23-year-old is pretty set on this.

"I want to end my career at Real Madrid," he told Kicker. "I know that there are many years to go and it will be very difficult. The club will sign a lot of great players in the coming years and there will be a lot of good young players, but I want to be part of that future. "I know what I can do and I am convinced I will stay at Real for many years."

I'd like to see that happen, too. He's a definite playmaker who is adjusting to the Jose Mourinho style of football. In Germany he was the sole focus of his team, and here he's one of the cogs in a giant wheel.

I love it when I see stats like this: FC Barcelona's very own member of the lollipop guild Lionel Messi leads la Liga in giving the ball away more than any other player in the league, a whopping 279 times if you're keeping track at home. While he might be one of the games finest dribblers, he sure does give the ball up an awful lot.

Speaking of FC Barcelona, they're still waiting on their manager to decide on his contract extension. What doesn't help is the fact FCB are on a pretty terrible run of form, coming up with three draws in the last three ties. Barcelona's president is hoping to nail Pep Guardiola down to a contract soon.

"The sooner the better," Rosell told reporters on Tuesday when quizzed about the issue. "That would always be a massive boost--it would be great."

As we all know, FC Barcelona--both players and their fans---have a way about them, most by way of being hypocritical. One minute they are extolling the virtues about how they don't complain about the refs and go on about their business as if they were the angels of the league. Now, we all know this not to be true. On many occasions, Xavi, Pique or [insert FCB player here] are bitching about something in print or video in press conferences.

Our 24-year-old striker Jose Callejon has decided to call them out on this, as many have in the past.

"I thought Barca didn't talk about referees," the 24-year-old said to Marca. "Something must have changed. I don't know why."

I know I'll most likely never see it happen, but I'd love for the Spanish FA to pick up the same policies that the English FA has regarding game officials. If you say good or bad things about them in the press, you're going to get fined-- plain and simple. And for the most part, it works, keeping both players and managers silent.

Real Madrid leads the Endesa league with a 14 and 3 record. With this also comes the best road record in the championship, winning 70 percent of their games away from home. The next closest team is Barcelona Regal with 62.5 percent (5-3, with 8 games played). As you know, it's always nice to beat Barcelona, no matter the sport.

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