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Real Madrid CF: Midweek Mourinho Murmurs

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I hesitate to add the swirl and sway of rumors surrounding Jose Mourinho that never seem to subside. However, as a source of Real Madrid journalism, news, analysis and chatter, I feel that we should at least make our readers aware that the British papers are absolutely buzzing about Mourinho's visit to London yesterday. The Real Madrid boss was reportedly in town on a house-hunting trip with his family and the press is rife with speculation on what this means for his future.

Always a showman, the "Special One" posed for photographs with starcrossed Chelsea supporters on his stroll through the city, further fueling tabloid furor. The reports are filled with proposed summertime Mourinho destinations like Chelsea,Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

Even though Andre Villas-Boas looks increasingly out of his depth and likely to be sacked before April, I just can't see Mourinho going back to Stamford Bridge--no matter how much he enjoyed his first stint in London. He just doesn't seem like a guy who would take a step backwards or repeat himself in this manner.

I also can't see Mourinho leaving an iconic, legendary club like Real Madrid to coach Spurs, even if they do qualify for an automatic Champions League birth next season. Look, I realize Spurs have a proud, rich history and currently play stylish, exciting football, but would a move to White Hart Lane even be considered a lateral move for someone of Mourinho's stature?

The Guardian reported last week that Arsenal's majority owner, Stan Kroenke, was prepared to give Arsene Wenger his full, unequivocal support at a board meeting, so it looks increasingly likely that Wenger will remain in charge of the Gunners.

The only job I can legitimately see Mourinho leaving Madrid for at the end of the season would be a vacancy at Manchester United, and, according to nearly all accounts, Sir Alex Ferguson isn't going anywhere. Would he be tempted by unexpected vacancies at Manchester City or Liverpool?

What do you think, madridistas? I'm a huge Mourinho fan and I hope with all my heart that he stays in Madrid. People may be tired of hearing rumors and speculation, but when I searched for Real Madrid news on Factiva this morning, the first 10-15 stories were all on this topic, so I felt I had no choice but to cover the story here on Managing Madrid as well.

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