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Is Jose Mourinho Leaving Real Madrid? Assessing And Analyzing The Rumors

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It definitely has been a rocky couple of weeks for Real Madrid. With all the media drama, rumors of rows in the dressing room, and El Clasico insanity, it has been difficult to focus on the actual football. And now, there's something else to think about.

If you've been reading around the footballing world, you've probably seen some headlines that use "Mourinho" and "Exit" in the same sentence. Apparently not only is Mourinho unhappy, but Perez has reportedly lost his patience with the coach--and some fans want the "Special One" out.

Now remember, rumors are very tricky. The press will honestly do anything to sell more papers and journalists can misinterpret tiny insignificant gestures into flashing signs. However, we're still going to assess some rumors and see whether there is any truth in them.

Reportedly, Jose Mourinho is leaving Real Madrid this summer and heading off to England. Let's forget about all the contracts and whatnot and focus on the real question. Could Mourinho return to England? Well, certainly. He has made no secret of his desire to return to the Premier League, and sources say that he may be returning to Chelsea.

Okay. Let's think about this for a minute. In order for this to occur, Chelsea Boss Andres Villas Boas would have to be sacked. Now, Chelsea is a club who are expecting real bids for the Champions League and the Premier League. Since the Blues are slumping slightly, its owner Roman Abramovich probably wouldn't be entirely opposed to the idea, although he'd be throwing away the millions of pounds it took to hire Villas Boas in the first place. Also, Mourinho likes to hold a significant amount of power in the actual club, something that he and Perez have been at odds about, and giving a coach complete power isn't something to which Mr. Abramovich would easily agree.

However, we have to take into account that "The Special One" would be making the decision to leave los Blancos in the first place. This is where things get a little blurry because we don't exactly know how happy Mourinho is with the club. According to rumors, there has been tension in the dressing room and rows with the committee and Club President Florentino Perez. But these aren't confirmed, and you have to remember that Perez did give Mourinho a significant amount of power at the club which, for example, led to Jorge Valdano's departure. Mourinho knows that, despite some quarrels, he holds significant sway and Madrid does somewhat trust him.

The Spanish press is probably the primary cause of his discomfort at the club, since they have made his life pretty much hell the last couple of weeks in response to Real Madrid's elimination from the Copa del Rey at the hands of rivals Barcelona. He is still so angry at them that he gave media duties to Assistant Coach Aitor Karanka for the match versus Getafe.

There have been rumors on both ends of the table with sources "close to the club" saying that Real Madrid are looking for a new coach to replace the "Special One" this summer. Possible replacements include Germany's Joachim Low and Arsenal's Arsene Wenger. You can probably guess as to why the club would be considering sacking Mourinho (his snarky media comments and his off-pitch antics--remember the eye-poke?), however, it's not like he doesn't bring good results. He was hired to win and now the team is much improved--the team has a Copa del Rey title from last year under their belt and a healthy seven-point lead on the league table. But who knows: maybe the club can't handle any longer the pressure the "Special One" seems to attract.

In conclusion, the rumors are certainly plausible. There is enough incentive from both sides, but you have to remember that rumors are rumors. They aren't guaranteed or certified. So don't take them too seriously. And anyway, it is too early to really see whether Mourinho is on his way out, considering that the results at the end of this season will certainly impact the club's decision to keep him and Mourinho's decision to stay.

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