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Managing Madrid Podcast 214: Real Madrid Abides (And A Special NBA Segment!)

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In this long episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast, I (Gabe Lezra) chat with Josh Zeitlin about the state of Real Madrid. We recap los blancos' 1-0 victory over Getafe, while taking an eye at Barcelona, who won 2-1 against Real Sociedad. We debate Pepe, and whether his presence and actions are undermining Real Madrid's image (and even whether he should be sold!) before talking about our "Things Of The Week"--a new segment on the show!

Then, I chat with Dean Karoliszyn, resident NBA expert, about the state of the NBA heading into the All Star break (are we really already almost there?). We debate who's the early favorite for Rookie of the Year (spoilers: it's either someone in Cleveland or someone in Minnesota), and break down the All Star selections. Plus, we chat a bit about some of the other NBA news of the week (can Samuel Dalembert PLEASE get more than SEVEN minutes? You're killing me here, Houston).

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