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Managing Madrid Podcast 215: Author Paul Aron Talks About Baseball (And The Yankees)

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Baseball's about to be back! I (Gabe) welcome Paul Aron, author of "Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot? And Other Unsolved Mysteries Of Baseball," and we chat about the upcoming MLB season, whether small teams can compete in an increasingly payroll-driven league, and how the Yankees' bullpen and rotation look heading into the 2012 season.

This is our first baseball podcast, and we're very excited to have the opportunity to talk to Paul. It was a great discussion, and has a lot of implications for the future of baseball and even for la Liga soccer--it's astounding how many parallels there are between the leagues that we discussed, especially in relation to finances and small-market divisions. Is the unbridled capitalist system that produced the Real Madrid - Barcelona duopoly better for the league than the "socialism" that has increased parity in baseball, but might be causing some smaller-market sides to remain bad rather than try to climb out of the basement?

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