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Villarreal Vs. Real Madrid, 2012 La Liga: Match Thread

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Come one, come all, to talk about Real Madrid's 2012 la Liga clash with once-great (now mediocre, but getting better, hopefully) Villarreal! Spanish dailies Marca and As have been hyping this match, calling it "Real Madrid's First Final" of the year, among other insanities, so come revel in the nerves, and the teeth-biting that will soon ensue.

Listen. We need to calm down (I'm putting on my serious dad voice). Madrid is still a great team, with a highly potent offense, holding on to a major lead in a competition with only 11 matches left. They're not out of the woods, what with a complicated April on the horizon, but they're certainly not in any trouble. Sure, they were wasteful in the Malaga match, but one mediocre result is to be expected every 12 games or so. It's not insane.

So, with that addendum, I present to you our first RED ALERT!!!!111!1!!! match thread, where we can all come to voice our terror if Madrid drop any more points (OH GOD). HEAR THAT???!? IT'S BARCELONA!!!1!1!! THAT NOISE IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!1!11!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Well, screw it, I'm going to go ahead and go crazy now because this is too much, just like this guy from Apocalypse Now. The horror.

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