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Question of the Week: Will Real Madrid Choke?

Let's hope they remain as united and victorious.
Let's hope they remain as united and victorious.

Greetings from the land of sand. This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid are on a roll. They looked almost unstoppable last night at home against Espanyol, walking away with a smashing 5-0 victory and of course, another three points.

Of course, everyone expects Real to continue to win. Honestly, if you pit los blancos against any team in la Liga (except maybe Barcelona) they are automatic favorites to win.

But then again, so are Barcelona. And yet they lag 10 points behind the capitol club on the Spanish Primera Division table.

Despite injuries to numerous players, notably Benzema and Di Maria, Real Madrid continue to chalk up win after win, and remain en route to win the Spanish League title this year.

The question this week: Will Real Madrid continue their winning streak or are they bound to choke?

"Hopefully not, as Real Madrid have been managing well even with the absence of Benzema and Di Maria. The team plays well as a unit so there for I believe that the chances of them choking are slim. But as everyone already knows, in football, anything can happen."

-Omar, Egypt, Real Madrid

"As a Barca fan, I am hoping they choke but in reality at the moment they look unstoppable. For me, Barca should just set a goal that no matter what happens to Real, they should try to win as many [matches] as possible and keep in mind that Real still has to play 7 of the top 10 teams."

-Saker, Palestine, Barcelona

"Too much experience in the side for a choke. Plus, Mourinho is too good a manager to let that happen."

-Raghid, Lebanon, Chelsea

"[Real Madrid's] major weakness now is our striker. Higuain is a good player but he needs motivation. After scoring two goals yesterday, he has gained my confidence. We won't choke."

-Abe, Lebanon, Real Madrid

Now it's your turn to answer. Managing Madrid would like to hear from you--madridistas, take a vote in the poll, comment on our facebook page, and tweet us @managingmadrid.

Hala Madrid!

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