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Bayern Munich Vs. Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League 2012: Match Thread

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Real Madrid is set to take on their old-school rivals (and famous bestia negra), Bayern Munich, in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League, and we're here to hold your hand through it! The game starts at 20:45 PM CET (2:45 PM EST) in the Allianz Arena in Munich--which, incidentally, will be the site of the Champions League Final (you know, the holy grail) in May. This is a big-time match for Mourinho's boys, and hopefully they'll be up for it--if not, Bayern's potent duo of wingers, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben could tear Madrid's admittedly weak wingers to shreds.

Luckily, Madrid has The Special One, who claims to have been thinking about this match for quite some time. Whew! I was worried that he'd just throw something together last-minute, which is pretty much my plan for everything. We don't have any confirmation on the lineups just yet, but rest assured--there will be a surprise or two in there.

Consider this your forum to discuss the match respectfully, to mourn and celebrate together. If a Bayern fan stumbles in (or comes to gloat) treat him or her with respect, as we would want the same from them. And remember--hasta el final, vamos Real. Make sure to follow Managing Madrid on Twitter @managingmadrid (and me @GabeLezra!) for in-game updates, and like our Facebook page for more MM news!


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