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The Affect of Di Maria’s Return on Real Madrid’s Offense

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Madridistas were able to see Angel Di Maria in action when he was substituted against APOEL this Wednesday in the Champions League. However, what affect could his return have on the team?

Firstly, we are all very happy that he is back and we're thrilled to see such a great talent healthy again.

Now that's done, let's break this down:

The Argentine is very very fast and lethal on the counter-attack. He scores fantastic goals and is very clever. He'sa vital piece of Real Madrid's offense with his rapid play and creativity. Dangerous down the wing with great chips and pinpoint crosses, Di Maria's return can prove to be very useful for the team.

However, Di Maria's return means that there will be more players competing for offensive positions. Although competition is good on some level, Di Maria's return may threaten Kaka's involvement, leaving less playing time for the Brazilian player. And considering Kaka's resurgence, less playing time may hinder his progress. Although Mourinho can choose to take out another player, currently Kaka would probably make the most sense to sub out of the midfield. And even if Ozil is the one taken out, it would be somewhat of a pity. Personally, although I love Di Maria as a player, the Ozil-Kaka partnership is just fantastic.

What most of us can agree on is that Di Maria's return means a boost in the offense. Expect to see quicker play and rapid counterattacks with the Argentine back on the pitch. Also, expect greater competition among the offensive players as they try to prove to "The Special One" that they deserve a starting position.

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