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Real Madrid Vs. Mallorca, La Liga 2012 Match Recap: 100 Points

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In a night when most of la Liga teams were fighting either to prevent relegation or to qualify for a European competition, Real Madrid enjoyed an easy 4-1 win against Mallorca. Villarreal and Sporting were relegated to the Second Division while Levante and Atlético qualified for the Europe League.

This is a historic moment, as Real Madrid is the first team to get to the 100-point mark. Cristiano Ronaldo could not score five goals to get the Golden Boot, but he did score one. Mesut Özil probably played his best game of the season, scoring twice and creating very good plays all game long.

The game was a celebration. The team asked the crowd to wear the white shirt and the team responded with a very good match. It looked quite impossible, but Cristiano Ronaldo still believed he could score five more goals to tie Messi in the top scorers' table. And he delivered the first goal for his team to put the 100-point record in hand.

The players didn't have any pressure and all the players completed a very good game. But Benzema, Alonso, Khedira and Özil stepped it up a lot. Özil showed his 10-11 version, scoring and dribbling every opponent. The German player will get to the EuroCup in nice shape and Spanish National team will have a very good rival in the Mannschaft.

Benzema scored the second goal finishing his season in scoring form. The French player is now Real Madrid's best striker, which is why Higuaín might go elsewhere. The Argentinian player didn't give any hint of this, however, during the team's celebration. He spoke about the team in the past tense, rather than commenting on whether he was sticking around next year. The players asked the crowd to chant "Pipita stay!" and even in that moment, Higuaín couldn't confirm anything. He's probably on his way out.

Özil scored the third and the fourth goal and Mallorca put one in the scoreboard. The game was already done, but Mourinho didn't give Kaka any minutes. The Brazilian player appears to be on his way out as well. Summer will be long and the technical staff will no doubt be working hard to bring the best possible players to Real Madrid.

The game ended and Real Madrid's staff started to organize the celebration. The speaker presented every player, and the Bernabéu gave Ronaldo, Higuaín, Casillas and Pepe some special love. The crowd was great for both the game and the celebration. And, of course, one of the most cheered of them all was José Mourinho. The Portuguese Coach has done a great job in his two seasons with the club, and with a little more patience, he could be one of the best coaches in the team's history.

The team only needs two or three additions: with an attacker, a right back and a midfielder, this roster will be ready to compete in every tournament. These following months will be filled with transfer rumours and we will try to give you some insight. But please, don't believe anything you read on the Spanish tabloids!

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