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Question of the Week: Who Is Leaving The Bernabeu?

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Greetings from the land of sand (and right now incessant, unrelenting, and despair inducing heat). This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

And it has begun (Insert dramatic music here).

Even with the joy of Real Madrid's la Liga still fresh in our minds, you can bet that those transfer rumors are going to start swirling. As leagues and competitions die down all over the world and the champions are crowned, attention not only turns to coming seasons but also to who will be competing for whom.

The summer transfer window looms ahead, threatening (literally) to steal away some of Real Madrid's best players. We've heard rumors about Kaka, Higuain, Carvalho, and multiple others putting aside the white jersey. Of course, none of this is confirmed and you should never believe what some of the news sites are going to say because media just leeches off rumors. Don't give up on your Higuain jersey yet, only when it is official--that's just a rule of thumb that everyone tends to ignore this time of year.

What we can do now is make some educated predictions to get ready, and also to just get a little football back in our lives as fixtures are fewer and far between.

So, before you are even more corrupted by external sources, the question this week: Who do you think is leaving the Santiago Bernabeu and Real Madrid?

Higuain will leave because he is too class to stay on the bench.

-Phillip, Lebanon, AC Milan

Lass will most certainly leave because he wants a guaranteed starting spot. Kaka will leave because PSG will make an offer Mourinho can't refuse.

-Raghid, Lebanon, Chelsea

I don't think Kaka is leaving because he is too old for anyone to buy and his style of play has died down since Milan, but Ozil might because everyone likes money and Manchester City has lots.

-Samer, Costa Rica, Barcelona

Honestly, if I was the manager I would be shifting dead weight like the likes of Granero, and players like him who are never going to be the class Real Madrid want...

-Samuel, India, Liverpool

I think Kaka will leave this summer because he is constantly getting injured and he is too good of a player to start off on the bench. Since Real Madrid have players in the midfield position, Kaka should leave to find a club where he gets a starting position.

-Saker, Palestine, Barcelona

Kaka is not going to leave, because he still feels indebted to Madrid for not meeting their expectations. Higuain will stay because he's had a fantastic season and he has a 150 million buy-out clause. To be honest I think that Carvalho will leave, because he's a world class player and he's been a bench-warmer all season. Mourinho even said, when asked what he thought of Carvalho, that he's too good to be a bench-warmer. Also he's 33 now and his age is starting to catch up with him, since he's been getting injured and showing signs of fatigue all season, so I think he wants one last chance to play at a high level before retirement.

-Zaid, Syria, Real Madrid

Now before everyone jumps to conclusions and Kaka fans see red, take a deep breath in and out. THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL. These answers are just random musings of football fans giving their opinions and predictions about how the summer transfer window might look like for Real Madrid. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion so just... breathe.

You have read some varying opinions, so now we want you to formulate your own. Take a vote in the poll, comment on our facebook page, and tweet us @managingmadrid. Stick with us here on Managing Madrid as we cover the summer transfer window and sift through the rumors and proceeding panic. Stay tuned!

Hala Madrid!

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