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Real Madrid At Granada, La Liga 2012 Match Recap: Madrid Gets the Win in the Last Minute

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Real Madrid played a terrible game against Granada. The reserves seem to be celebrating the Liga title and Benzema, Di María and Cristiano weren't helping either. But breaking the 100 point record is still possible with David Cortés' goal in the final minute of the game.

Sahin, Granero and Carvalho played sloppily. It's likely that these reserve players weren't at their best, because if that's all they can offer, Madrid will need to hunt for some new players in this offseason.

The game mattered because of two records. Cristiano Ronaldo needed to score some goals to keep fighting for the Golden Boot (Messi finally scored four in Barcelona's game against Espanyol) and Real Madrid wanted to win to get 100 points.

But it all started the wrong way as Franco Jara stole the ball from Marcelo and dribbled Carvalho to score against Real Madrid's Adán. After this goal, the team didn't recover well and never gained control of the tempo. Sahin and Granero couldn't create any dangerous plays, and Kaká showed once again that he might want out of the team, showing no compromise whatsoever.

Di María tried to dribble Granada's defenders, but looked sloppy once again. The Argentinian player hasn't recovered well from his injury and should use his summer off to recover, just like Sahin. They will have another chance this upcoming season. Carvalho shouldn't be with the team anymore either. It's clear that 10-11 was his last year of good football and he is old and slow now. His experience is not enough to balance those physical mistakes anymore.

The team tried to fight back and dominated for most of the second half. The first goal came in 81st minute after Cristiano Ronaldo was brought down by one of Granada's defenders off a corner-kick. The defender wasn't smart because Ronaldo was probably not going to get the ball and Granada needed those three points to keep themselves in the First Division.

Ten minutes later, Cortés sent the ball inside his goal and scored the final goal to finish the game 1-2. Granada then felt frustrated and blamed the referee--Dani Benítez hit him with a bottle after he called the end of the match. Granada will now have to get a positive result in the last game of the season without Siqueira and Hurtado, who were sent off the field.

Joaquín Caparrós' Mallorca will visit the Santiago Bernabéu next week and will try to qualify for European competition. Although Real Madrid has the point record still ahead of them, Cristiano Ronaldo is now five goals behind Lionel Messi in the Golden Boot ranking. Despite this, the Portuguese player should win the Ballon D'Or, because la Liga is a bigger title than the Copa del Rey that Barça might win in a couple of weeks against Athletic Bilbao.

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