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Mourinho Adamant That Higuain Isn’t Going Anywhere

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We've all heard the rumors. They are associated with modern football and are often hyped up by the press--and Real Madrid is no stranger to them. From debates linking us to Neymar (ugh) to rumors of Kaka leaving, Madridistas have always had to distinguish the truth from the lies. Nonetheless, these rumors don't fail to make us nervous on some occasions.

A recent one that has been swirling around the Bernabeu is about a certain Argentine striker by the name of Gonzalo Higuain. Personally, I would be devastated to see him leave, and I'm sure many Real Madrid fans share that sentiment. Although he has been somewhat relegated to the bench due to Benzema's form, he is still a vital part of the squad and is there when we need him. Often with some cracking golazos. (Remember the Bilbao game?)

Pipita has been linked with multiple clubs for a transfer like French side PSG and Italian side Juventus. There was also some conversation here on the site about the significance of Higuain being the only player wearing a signed shirt for the celebrations in Cibeles. However, in a statement to ABC, Coach Jose Mourinho Higuain emphasized that he was not for a sale:

Higuain is staying here. He will stay at Madrid because I don't want him to go. He has an excellent contract here that runs for many more years. And Madrid have no intention to sell him either [...] My two strikers for next season will be Benzema and Higuain.

The rumors will undoubtedly continue to circle, but those words from "The Special One" will probably quiet them slightly. We'll keep you updated, but for now, rest assured that it seems like Gonzalo Higuain is staying.

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