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Greece Vs. Germany Euro 2012 Quarterfinals Open Thread: Philosophy Or Football?

Germany, resplendent with Real Madrid players, is taking on Greece this afternoon in Euro 2012. GW Leibniz, Nietzsche, Kant, Heidegger, Beckenbauer and company will look to stop a resurgent Greek side featuring the streaking Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and Archimedes (who is a last-minute inclusion on the side). Should be a fantastic game.

(In a quick aside, as this whole post is pretty much an aside, I do think that the goal was offsides, as Marx apparently pointed out to referee Confucius. I find Nietzsche's claim that the referee has no free will to be equally correct, though I also vehemently agree with Confucius' assessment that "name go in book".)

In all seriousness, Germany, featuring Real Madrid's brilliant playmaker Mesut Özil and stalwart defensive midfielder Sami Khedira, will try to overcome a tough Greek team and reach the semi-finals. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo guided Portugal through on a brilliant header, and today more Madrid players can reach the next round--provided that they unlock the secrets of the game before the brilliant Greek thinkers.

This is your forum to enjoy the game with other madridistas, and to cheer on the Germans (or the Greeks, I guess), as they try to get revenge for their 1-0 loss in the philosophers bowl.

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