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Source: Real Madrid, Tottenham Agree On Modric, But Blancos Are Waiting For Kaka To Leave

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Caution: This is one of the first times Managing Madrid has had a scoop from inside the club. This information comes from an anonymous source, so we, as the staff, have tried to proceed responsibly. Neither Managing Madrid nor the readers should see this piece of information as an official statement released by the club, but just as an interesting input on how the transfer market is being negotiated inside Real Madrid. Many things can change in a club of Real Madrid's dimension, and the reality seen one month after this article is published might be very different.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Real Madrid's deal for Luka Modric of Tottenham has been completed. The Croatian player will join Real Madrid, the source indicated, but only now that the clubs have reached two different agreements. In the first deal, Real Madrid would include Turkish playmaker Nuri Sahin in the operation to make things cheaper; in second, Madrid would simply pay a sum of cash. Real Madrid's coach José Mourinho will have the final word, and he seems to want Nuri Sahin to stay in Spain's capital.

At the same time, Real Madrid is also waiting to see if Tottenham manages to sign Portuguese playmaker Joao Moutinho. If they fail to acquire Moutinho, new coach Andres Villas-Boas' interest in Sahin could increase, and the operation could become cheaper than expected.

Gonzalo Higuaín defended Modric's signing in press conference, something that players usually don't do.

Both the club and us (players) like Modric. I hope the deal is confirmed soon.

The reason why Real Madrid hasn't announced the agreement yet is because Mourinho and Florentino Pérez are waiting for the teams interested in Kaká to make an important bid.

More on Kaká after the jump.

At this point in time, AC Milan is interested in the Brazilian superstar. President Silvio Berlusconi has angered most of Milan's fanbase recently--they're understandably nonplussed with the trades of Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris St-Germain--so he wants to turn things around and re-introduce a familiar player that brought glory to the Italian team.

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All that being said, the clubs remain fairly far from agreeing to terms. Real Madrid is asking for much more money than what Milan is willing to offer for Kaká, the source said. At the same time, PSG could also make a bid for the Brazilian playmaker, adding him to their growing arsenal of stars.

The source also speculated that things could drag on longer; at the same time, some of the clubs involved could also pull the trigger quite soon and start a chain reaction that ends up with Modric in Real Madrid and Kaka' elsewhere. If the Brazilian player stays with Real Madrid, however, Modric's signing could suddenly become more complicated.

It's the transfer market at its best.

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