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Benfica Vs. Real Madrid Match Recap: Atrocious Madrid Loses 5-2

Callejón scored Real Madrid's two goals (photo via

This is only Real Madrid's second game of the preseason, but if this is all the depth the roster is going to have, Mourinho and his men are going to have a problem next season. The Portuguese coach decided to start the best team avalaile with the exception of Karim Benzema and Fábio Coentrao. Somehow, the team managed to reach the halftime period with 2-2 on the scoreboard after Benfica scored the 1-0.

If Granero wants to have a more important role this next season and if Kaká wants to stay with the team, they are not on the right path after today's game. The Brazilian player was totally apathetic and one can only wonder about his future. Did he know already that he is leaving and that's why he showed no effort? Is he upset about Real Madrid's willingness to sell him? Granero always tries hard, but every time he is given the chance to show he is ready to compete and take on another more important role, he disappoints.

On the other hand, Higuaín, Callejón and Di María were probably Real Madrid's best players alongside Lass. The French player doesn't have a very special 'football-IQ', but he works hard to prevent the other team from getting comfortable and he should be a valuable player in Real Madrid's roster if he assumes his secondary role.

Callejón tied the game first and a couple of minutes later he scored Real Madrid's second goal to put his team ahead. They could not have expected to receive four more goals during the game while playing a harmless second half.

Mourinho introduced Benzema and Coentrao to try to come back, but it was too late. Callejón and Higuaín left the field injured. While Callejón seemed to be alright (he only fell hard to the ground), Higuaín's injury could be a little bit more serious. They will both surely travel to the States, but further exploration will be needed to see if Higuaín is able to play in the next preseason game against the LA Galaxy.

The team will be able to count on the International players as the Spanish, German and Portuguese men rejoin the squad tomorrow.

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