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Real Madrid Transfer Rumors Chapter 1: Luka Modric

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The Luka Modric rumors have been floating around the air for quite some time now. Some journalists say that Mourinho wants the Croatian player to perform alongside Xabi Alonso, moving Khedira (who was the best German player in the Eurocup) to the bench. Others believe the Spur will replace Kaká in the backup attacking midfielder spot.

The truth behind these rumors is unknown, but this seems to be like the prototypical Calciomercato that comes to the surface whenever the season ends. Since Jose Mourinho took over Real Madrid, the press have usually been uninformed about transfers.

But the Croatian player could be a very valuable asset to substitute the aging Xabi Alonso, whose relevance within the team diminished as the season advanced. Alonso was one of the best players in the Spanish national team, but at age 30, his age could become a negative factor.

Real Madrid already signed a player to cover this up. Nuri Sahin had a very bad first season, but Mourinho has said more than often that he trusts the Turkish player will improve after a whole preseason with the team. Is a +40M€ move for Modric really worthy?

Luka Modric started his career as an attacking midfielder, and that's where he would be at his best. If Kaká leaves (something that seems very likely), the club will need to fill the void the Brazilian player leaves behind. Mesut Özil's campaigns are not very consistent, and we need a reliable backup player ready to rock things up when the German player isn't having a good night.

However, Modric's best performances have come behind that position. Former Tottenham Hotspurs Manager Harry Redknapp insisted on playing with a two-man midfield with Scott Parker and the Croatian player, and the London team was one of the best squads in the Barclays Premier League until the second half of the competition started.

If available at a good price, Modric would be a good signing to replace Kaká. But Real Madrid should still trust Nuri Sahin's abilities. To be Bundesliga's best player is not a joke. He is young and will gain the confidence needed during the preseason stage while Xabi Alonso and his Spanish teammates enjoy a more quiet role after their tough month of June. Plus, the new head coach of the Tottenham Hotspurs André Villas-Boas' bad relationship with our coach means that he won't let Modric play for Mourinho so easily.

If Kaká is sold and Modric can be acquired for less than a 40M€ price, Madrid should pull the trigger. If not, let the Croatian Cruyff stay in London.

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