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Real Madrid Transfer Rumors: Modric, Ten Days, And A Disappointing "No"

GDANSK, POLAND - JUNE 17:  Luka Modric (L) of Croatia during a UEFA EURO 2012 training session at the Municipal Stadium on June 17, 2012 in Gdansk, Poland.
GDANSK, POLAND - JUNE 17: Luka Modric (L) of Croatia during a UEFA EURO 2012 training session at the Municipal Stadium on June 17, 2012 in Gdansk, Poland.

It has been about a week since the EuroCup danced back into Spanish arms, and Real Madrid haven't made any discernible, Jordi Alba-esque transfer moves. Which is a bit shocking. Ah, how dispiritedly we continue onward into bleakness--the sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new, or so they say.

But here's your first daily update (and yeah, I mean daily, or as close to daily as possible) on Madrid's transfer window shenanigans.

Luka Modric: It's no secret that Florentino and company look favorably on the young Tottenham midfielder. And it's also no secret that Modric is keen on Madrid: and it's especially un-secret-ed (I'm tired) now that he has apparently asked for his transfer to be solidified by July 18, the day that Spurs begin their preseason, according to MARCA. If this is true--and I'll get to it in a second--then this could be over in the next week or so.

A note, however: a lot of these transfer sources come from Spanish sports dailies, which are, at best, completely unreliable. At worst, they make things up literally. They use unnamed sources constantly, publish rumors that have no basis in fact, and are genuinely the worst sort of transfer gossipers. So take all of this with a grain of salt, especially when you see the papers MARCA, As, Sport, or any other variants. Sources like El País, El Mundo--the major national news outlets--are much more reliable.

Maicon: According to MARCA (again), Real Madrid will not pursue Maicon, despite Mourinho's wish to acquire the Brazilian back. Instead, Maicon will go to Chelsea, despite the fact that he is "unhappy" about the situation.

I think this might have even less credence than the Modric rumor for three reasons: 1) if Mourinho really wants him, you can be damn-well certain Madrid will pursue him; 2) Madrid "pursue" almost every free agent--that is, they at least ask about the price. Whether they sign him or not is unclear; but whether they will pursue him is certain. And 3) come on, if he's going to Chelsea, he won't be "unhappy". And if he is, he'll find a way to work through it. Dunno, I don't buy this for a second.

Incidentally, I do think that Maicon will end up at Chelsea. But not for any of these reasons.

Dani Carvajal will leave for Bayern Leverkusen...but Madrid might very well re-buy him: Fine. this one I buy: if Carvajal proves he has the guts to defend in Germany, Madrid might look to re-sign him. And they DO have a history of it, especially with backs. So this one looks pretty certain to me. Good job, MARCA.

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